Re-Open & Birthday Celebration

It's our 3rd Birthday!

Can you beleive it? We are entering our forth year of being part of the amazing world of Indie Polish and I couldn't love Shades Of Phoenix more! I love my little brand. We might not be as big has some but I truly enjoy it and am thankful for such amazing and loyal customers. So what has this year bought us? Glitter, glitter and more glitter, and let me tell you this next year will be all about glitter as well - why give up what you love, right? Don't worry we will have some other finishes and new products thrown in there as well. 

We are on vacation!

We wish all of our Flames a happy and safe Christmas, and hope your New Year is a fantastic one.  We're looking forward to getting our sparkle on with you all in 2016!


Three New Polish Releases - Phoenix 3.0, Magikfire and Sunfire

Good evening all! Tonight we have released three new polishes.

Last Chance - Love Forever 2015 Valentine's Duo






It's been a busy, love filled month for Shades of Phoenix, but sadly, February is drawing to a close, and the Limited Edition Love Forever duo is being discontinued.  We still have some stock at The Forge, however once these have sold out, these polishes will no longer be available.



Eternal Bliss


Eternal Bliss is a bright creamy cool-toned pink, with a subtle blue shimmer which has proven hard to capture on film.  Under the right lighting conditions you can also see subtle flashes of magenta and silver.



Forever & A Day



Forever & A Day is glitter topper, jam packed with hot pink, rose pink and black holographic glitters, a light peppering of small black and iridescent glitters.  Although Forever & A Day was made to compliment Eternal Bliss, this topper also looks great over purple, sky blue, and in a sheer nude jelly sandwich. 





Swatches by Serenity Nails and IG @em_a_tom

Video by The Lazy Lacquerista 

You can find us at the Buninyong Village Markets!

This blog post was originally publishes on 23 February 2015


If you love markets, and love SOP polish, you might want to put the Buninyong Village Markets on your to do list!  


The markets are held on the last Sunday of the month in the Buninyong Town Hall Precinct and Masonic Hall, and Shades of Phoenix was there this past weekend!  We found the atmosphere of the markets was great, with a lot of variety in stalls.  A recommended day out for the family!



Super Flash Sale Saturday ~ Earl Grey / Sardine

This blog post was originally published on 24 January 2015


Super Flash Sale Saturday!!! Seriously saucy shade Sardine (aka Earl Grey) is on sale until 9pm!




This blog post was originally publishes on 13 January 2015






Today in the SOP HQ we have a few announcements to share with you all. As of today I will be officially making SOP my full-time job, which is until July when we will be welcoming our first baby! Then I will be juggling SOP full-time and being a full-time stay at home mum!



What does all this mean? Well for you guys it mean more regular collections, new expanding product range and shorter estimated time of arrivals on online orders. Plus we have planned, starting next month to hopefully be part of two monthly markets – which is super exciting because that means if you are local (or in the area) you can met the SOP team in person, get new products first, see some of our new products that haven’t hit the online store and even pickup some old shades at a bargain price.

With the help of my amazing social media/graphic guru Relle (who I'd be lost without!), we will be bringing you so much more in the coming months! With the set up of the new SOP blog and Facebook group it means we can interact and share more with the people who matter most – YOU! From learning more about the inspiration of collections to sneak peek behind the scenes information, to epic giveaways, we will have it all.

So, we look forward to sharing the next part of our SOP journey with you all and thank-you for your already amazing support over the last two years which has made, making this a full-time passion a dream come true.


PS - our current sale ends on the 19th of January (SOP's 2nd birthday), the online store will then be closed for 24 hrs to remove all discontinued stock and remove discounts. This also marks when you might be seeing something exciting about an Epic Birthday Giveaway.... so stay tuned for more information about this!


Spotlight Shade ~ Bat in a Blender from the Bloggers Who Inspire Collection

This blog post was originally published on 13 January 2015


Today we are shining the spotlight on one of the polishes from the Bloggers Who Inspire collection, Bat in a Blender.  





B.I.A.B. was inspired by Kierra from Look What The Bats Dragged In, and is an explosion of teal, aqua, turquoise, green awesomeness.  With all manner of holo glitters swimming around in a lightly tinted teal jelly, Bat in a Blender is a total Jelly Glitter Bomb!


Shades of History Monday ~ Qandisa from the Everybody Loves Collection

This blog post was originally published on 12 January 2015


Welcome to the new Shades of Phoenix blog, and to our new series, Shades of History Monday!  


We are hoping to regularly bring you a little bit of trivia on Mondays, ranging from the back story behind a polish name, collection inspiration, or something else related to Shades of Phoenix, or nail polish in general.  We will also be posting this series on the Shades of Phoenix Facebook page, but we all know how Facebook likes to hide the interesting things on us!


You may have seen our recent FB share of Lazy Lacquerista's nail art featuring Qandisa, so why not start there?





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