Cuticle Remover 12ml


Our brush on Cuticle Remover helps to rid your nails of dead skin and leaves your cuticles soft and pliant.  Used regularly, cuticle remover can reduce the frequency of hang nails, and keep your cuticles in check, improving the health of your nails.

Please note:  this product is not vegan


Simply apply a small amount around the base of your nails with the brush, rubbing in gently around your cuticle.  You can use a cuticle pusher/orange stick/cotton tip if you like.  There is no need to soak, once you have rubbed the remover into each nail for a few moments, simply wash off your nails in warm water, dry, and they are ready to polish.  

This product is quite liquidy, so we recommend putting down a paper towel or similar to catch any drops.  

Caution:  Do not leave remover on your skin for extended periods of time, as it can be an irritant (Potassium Hydroxide).  If spills occur, remove all affected clothing and flush the area with running water.

Ingredients:  Water, Castic Potash, Calcium Carrageenan, Oil and Lanolin

Bottled in a standard polish bottle with brush for ease of application.  Non-flammable.