Peel Off Base 12ml


Our Peel Off Base lets you change your polish with ease, and is particularly handy for glitter heavy polishes for one day special occasions.

Peel Off Base gives you a "peelable" flexible polyvinyl layer as a base for your polish, which can last up to three or four days.  


Apply one coat of Peel Off Base, keeping away from the skin at the edge of your nail (this will help the Peel Off Base manicure last longer).  When you want to remove the polish, soak your nails in a warm water bath (feel free to add your favourite oils!) and gently break the seal of the edge of your nailpolish with a cuticle stick.  Soak for a few minutes then gently remove the polish using a cuticle stick and gentle pressure. 

Bottled in a standard polish bottle with brush for ease of application.